Norbert Dragan


Hello, I'm Norbert. My Friends call me Norbi.

Welcome to my still-under-construction website. I think it is v4, but I am confident that this will be the final version!

I am a ~30 year old designer, developer, and passionate synth knob-twister. I'm originally from Budapest, but I had to pleasure to live at many places around the globe.

Currently, I am most excited about building performant and accessible web applications using React.

Recent Projects

  • Lightning Chips Poker - A decentralized crypto-poker frontend client built with React.(design and front-end development)
  • Hardware Jams - A community website for musicians who use hardware gear instead of computers. It's built with React, GraphQL and Apollo.(design and full-stack development)
  • HyperDEX - A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Prototyped with Framer Classic and CoffeScript.(design and prototyping)

I'm open for front-end development/design projects. If you'd like to work together, please get in touch.

More content coming soon. Thanks for visiting!